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Akpeteshie Distillery in Ada Foah Ghana
Written by: Suade, Iddrisu

Afrivi Island

Ada-Foah is a town in the Eastern Ghana and is located in close proximity of the Volta Delta in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

The town was a base for the Europeans during colonialism and few buildings still remind the inhabitants and tourists of that era. It consists of three widely settlements which are; Big Ada, Ada-Foah and Ada Kasseh and it is also known for its tourist sites such as the beaches, distilleries and water sports.

With its high number of habitants, the town is rather spacious and convenient. Although there are several utilities in the town, the people of Ada-Faoh still live under traditional circumstances.

Pure Akpeteshie and refined with Mahagony

With all the tourist sites, some islands near Ada Foah in the Volta River are known for their best (ethanol) alcohol distillery locally known as "AKPETESHIE".

"AKPETESHIE" is a local term in Ga language meaning "Hide and Drink". This name came about in ancient times because the drink was a forbidden once. So most people always hid in their rooms, in blue kiosks, behind stores etc. before drinking. It was also known as "MOON LIGHT" during that era. The drink was then legalised by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who was the first President of independent Ghana.

The Distiller of the Akpeteshie Destillery on Afrivi Island On the Islands near Ada Foah, the inhabitants use Sugar-cane and pineapple in making the RUM "AKPETESHIE".
But there are many different kinds of Akpateshie for example Produced from "Palm Wine" or refined with Mahagony, what gives the naturally clear Akpeteshie a reddish colour.

A visit to the local traditional distillery on an Island called "Afrivi", which is beautiful located on one of the sourrounding islands of Ada Foah, is worth a visit for a guided tour to have a closer look in the production of this liquor and its various kinds.


Planted Sugarcane for producing Akepeteshie in ada foah ghana
1. Sugar-cane is planted for 12 months in a waterlogg area before harvested.
Processing and crushing sugarcane
2.It is then sent to a machine to be crushed for the juice to be drained out.
Fermentation of Sugarcane
3.The juice is then stored in earth founded ceramic containers for 3 weeks to ferment.
distilling Process of Akpeteshie
4. After the fermentation, the liquid is then poured into a big drum which has fire set under it to carefully heat the liquid and start the distilling process.
Condensation and distillation of Akpeteshie
5. The steam coming out on top of the heated drum is led by a spiraled metal pipe through a large container filled with water to cool down and condensate. At the outer side of the bottom of the water container the pipe ends and the first brand drips out into a small container.
distilled Akpeteshie
6. This liquid will be distilled in the same way a second (or even third) time to get the final product with about 45 percentage of alcohol.