We are a married couple from Munich.
Around 25 years ago, we took our first vacation to Ghana with our two sons, who were still small children at the time, and since then, we have been coming back at irregular intervals.
All of us, each in our own way, have developed a special bond and affection toward the country and culture, the life-style and its people, particularly in the area Ada Foah.

Our sons soon took their first holiday to Ghana without us and formed friendships with Ghanaians. These visits later became longer ones (also with friends) that took them into the various regions of the country.

About ten years ago, the Ezime House, with the pediment inscripted with the year 1933, touched us in a very emotional way.
The house was still being lived in at the time, but its exterior was already in a wretched state of disrepair. Much to our dismay, it had almost become completely dilapidated five years later. We then met someone in Ada Foah, who was also of the opinion that such a jewel for this quaint little town’s overall appearance could not be allowed to fall to ruins
And so, after a combined effort and just under two years of assistance from carpenters, masons, painters, electricians and plumbers from the area, the small but fine Ezime Guesthouse came into being. It delights us to see our guests enjoy and appreciate the results just as much as we do. A long-time Ghanaian friend of our sons’, Festus Kayang Kogh, who reliably and with an excellent sense for local possibilities and capabilities supervised the work during our stays in Ada Foah and in our absence, played a crucial role during the renovation and furnishing of the guesthouse.

Festus is now, together with his common-law partner Ophelia (and little Peter), the administrator and supervisor of guest relations on site; even during times when none of our family members are present, he always remains in close contact with us in Germany.

The Festus family delights in making every guest’s stay as comfortable as possible and, upon request, obtaining or facilitating a wide variety of smaller and larger services like: laundering, organizing trips, renting boats, obtaining fresh fish, etc..