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To get more information about the area of the Ezime Guesthouse visit our Regional Touristmap around the Ezime Guesthouse.

Our top leisure activities

The Estuary

Crocodile sancutuary

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Tour offer: Global Island Concept (David Ahadzie) in cooperation with Ada Tourism Stakeholders Association
Contact:+233 24411 5225

- Community history walking tour at 20 GHS per person (Minimum 4 persons). Start: 09:30 am - around 1 hour
- Crocodile sanctuary tour at 20 GHS per person (Minimum 6 persons). Start 11:00 am to 12:30 am - around: 1,5 hours
- Combine both tours for 35 GHS per Person. (Minimum 6 persons)

Tour starting point: Ezime Guesthouse / Roman Junction

We would be delighted to
  • help you in renting local canoes, speed boats or sailing boats for trips in the delta of the Volta River, to the mouth of the estuary and the estuary beach camps.
  • organize scenic canoe trips with local guides, e.g. to some small villages of the islands in the delta, along mangrove wood, through various creeks and to an Akpeteshie distillery (sugarcane “Schnapps”) on one of the islands.
  • inform you about local events and festivals in the Ada Region, e.g. the famous Asafotufiami Festival, beginning every year at the end of the first week of August.
Other activities around Ada Foah which we can recommend are:
  • Accra City tour: Experience the city of Accra
  • Take the Ferry (if operating) or a boat taxi to Anyanui on the eastern bank of Volta delta and visit the large market on Wednesday.
  • Continue the travel by trotro or taxi to the old towns Woe and Keta. Visit the former Danish / Portuguese Fort Prinsenstein near Keta. Go to see Keta lagoon, the most important site for marine and other water-associated birds in Ghana.
    Keta can also be reached by road via Sogakope and Woe.
  • Visit the Kente weavers near Agbozume (Agbosome) near the border to Togo.
  • Ask for Xavi Site for birds: South of Akatsi half way between Sogakope and Aflao/Lome
  • Visit the producers of pottery at the road between Kassee and Sogakope
  • Make a trip to the salt making sites at Songor Lagoon west of Ada Foah. Songor Lagoon is an important stopping-over point for migratory and other birds.
  • Go on a guided sea turtle tour and you might watch one of these endangered and threatened reptiles.
  • Near Big Ada you can look at crocodiles kept by the locals.
  • Go fishing. In the Volta estuary you can catch Barracuda, Red Snapper, Yellow Tail and other interesting fish if you find a good skipper. Also for deep-sea fishing, there are good, though not really cheap providers in Ada Foah.
  • The construction of the Sea Defense Project ended 2015


Kulturverein Voltariver  (German)
Our Motto: Preserving traditional drumming and dancing culture and passing it on to the youth of Ada Foah.

Amaria drumming and dancing group rehersal Amaria drumming and dancing group rehersal
The photos show the most recent rehearsal for the famous Asafotufiami festival 2015 of the "Amaria African culture troupe" supported and initiated by the Kulturverein Volta River (German).