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The mighty Volta River flows into the Atlantic ocean near Ada Foah and creates a giant delta dotted with beautiful islands and sand banks.

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The Volta River near Ada Foah and a Canoe transporting people Sunrise over the Volta River near Ada Foah Ghana
When the tide comes in, the Volta’s current comes to a standstill; it is even partially reversed, allowing the natives’ canoes to glide almost effortlessly up the river.

Pandora House in Ada Foah Ghana

This unique location between the river and the ocean has brought Ada a certain amount of prosperity in the past centuries by enabling the shipping of wares that had come ashore or the nearby produced salt with ocean vessels several hundred kilometers up the river.
The ferry Highways on the Volta River near its homeport in Ada Foah Ghana

The Volta’s lower course and delta have drastically changed since the Akosombo dam was built. Many tributary rivers have dried up and commercial navigability is restricted to routes below or above the dam respectively. An old river ferry from Ada Foah still connects the small settlements in the delta area and up river with one another on specific days.
People unloading goods on the riverbank of the Volta river
It is used particularly by the enterprising women from villages on the islands to bring their wares, most often woven mats, sugarcane and mangrove wood cultivated in the delta region, to the market places.

Ada Foah is the ferry’s homeport. There is also a small reloading point there for further transport by road or with canoes to the neighbouring islands.
The ferry Highways on the Volta River near Ada Foah Ghana Man sitting alone on the riverbank of the Volta River in Ada Foah Ghana

The river is always clean and clear. This is probably also because of the dam, which allows the water washed in by tropical rain storms to be deposited in front of it. There is little pollution caused by human activities mostly because of a lack of any kind of industry along the river above Ada and because of the absence of settlements.
Beatiful pirogue of the fishermen of Ada Foah
Of course laundry is washed here and bathing occurs in the river but this is not a problem for the volume of water that flows past here into the ocean. For the people of Ada and Ada Foah and the adjacent island villages, the river with its plentiful supply of fish is of course an important means of subsistence and the indispensable route for transportation.

The elegant river canoes and the beautifully painted pirogues, with which the fishers sail out to the open sea, signify considerable value and status for the owner.

Sailingboat and speedboats on a Island opposite Ada Foah Hooking routes on a speedboat on the Volta River near Ada Foah Ghana
Wealthy Africans and Europeans who live and work in Accra have used this beautiful location on the river to build weekend houses and stately villas along the river shore. This is a bit of a shame since it has sorely limited possible access to the river for the native inhabitants and the (few) tourists. Sure enough hobby skippers with their motor boats and sailboats appear here and there, especially on weekends and holidays.
Fisherman in a canoe near Ada Foah Ghana Sailingboat on the riverbank of the Volta River near Ada Foah Ghana Fisher with Barracudas and Red Snappers near Ada Foah Ghana Sailingboat on the riverbank of the Volta river at Ada Foah Ghana

Local canoes (with or without a “captain”) or trips with larger motor-driven canoes to the neighbouring islands and holiday camps are offered everywhere for tourists. Those who desire can also charter a boat to go deep sea fishing for a considerable sum. Those who prefer a quieter atmosphere can come round to the local sailing club.